Kavita Deonarine M.D. (CV)


  • Howard University Hospital, General Surgery Residency 2010-Present
    • PGYI- categorical intern year 2010-2011
    • PGYII-categorical second year general surgery resident. | Milestones met and research years taken after. 2011-2012
    • Research fellow-Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 2012-2014
    • PGYIII-categorical 3rd year general surgery resident 2014-2015
    • PGYIV-categorical 4th year general surgery resident 2015-2016
    • PGY V-categorical 5th year general surgery resident 2016-2017


  • Howard University College of Medicine | B.S./M.D. Accelerated Medical Education Program 2006-2010
  • Howard University College of Arts and Sciences | B.S. 2008 Summa cum laude 2004-2006
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma | Springbrook High School, Silver Spring, MD 2004


  • 2004-2010 – Founder’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence | Howard University College of Arts and Sciences
  • 2005 – Beta Kappa Chi Golden Key Science Honor Society
  • 2010 – Honors in OB/GYN rotation


  • USMLE Step 1—Pass, June 2008
  • USMLE Step 2 CK— Pass, October 2009
  • USMLE Step 2 CS – Pass, December 2009
  • USMLE Step3 — Pass, May 2011


  • Intestinal failure and adaptation in small bowel | Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center | Department: Pediatric Surgery | Supervisor: Michael Helmrath 2012-2014
  • Skin and Wound Healing 2006 | National Institutes of Health | Department: Transfusion Medicine | Supervisor: David Stroncek, M.D. 2006

Professional Societies:

  • American Medical Association 2011-Present
  • American College of Surgeons, resident member 2009-Present
  • American Medical Student Association 2004-2010
  • Student National Medical Association 2004-Present



Post of distinction. Kavita Deonarine, M.D., Misty Troutt, M.S., Samuel Kocoshis, M.D., Conrad Cole, M.D., Michael Helmrath, M.D. (09/11/2014). Use of Breast Milk Significantly Decrease Period of Parenteral Nutrition Support in Neonates With  At Risk Conditions for Intestinal Failure . 8th International Pediatric Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation Symposium, Atlanta, GA.

Kavita Deonarine, M.D., Misty Troutt, M.S., Samuel Kocoshis, M.D., Conrad Cole, M.D., Michael Helmrath, M.D. (05/29/2014) Three Year Consecutive Prospective Study Characterizing the Normal Adaptive Response and Factors Leading to Enteral Autonomy in Neonatal Surgical Patients on TPN. American Pediatric Surgical Association 45th Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ.


Kavita Deonarine, M.D., James S. Lin, B.S., Jennifer A. Hawkins, M.S., Sean Moore, M.D., Nambirajan Sundaram, Ph.D., Thomas Blom, M.S., Michael Helmrath, M.D. (05/04/2013). Short Term Therapy of Insuline-like Growth Factor (IGF-I) Reverses Underweight Growth in a Malnourished Murine Animal Model. American Pediatric Surgical Association 42th Annual Meeting, Marco Island, Fl.

Volunteer/Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • Youth Science Enrichment Program as a volunteer teaching and encouraging elementary school children about the sciences. 2008-2009
  • Training in HIV counseling 2007
  • Pre-professional Program Summer Science Enrichment – Program for Premedical students 2004

Personal Interests

  • Archery
  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Printmaking
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking


  • Book chapter:
    • Clinical Small Intestine. Translational Research and Discovery in Gastroenterology: Organogenesis to Disease. 2014, Wiley-Blackwell
    • Deonarine K, Panelli MC, Stashower ME, Jin P, Smith K, Slade HB, Norwood C, Wang E, Marincola FM, Stroncek DF. (2007). Gene expression profiling of cutaneous wound healing. Journal of Translational Medicine. 5, 1-11.
    • Shannon Moonah, Kavita Deonarine, Clyde Freeman. (2010). Multidrug resistant Kluyvera ascorbata septicemia in an adult patient: a case report. J Med Case Reports. 4.