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I grew up on the East coast in a small town in southern New Jersey. It is an area mostly comprised of farmlands known for tomatoes, blueberries, corn and marshlands known for blue claw crab. My father was a physician and my mother a science lab teacher which is where I developed for my passion for math and science and ultimately the practice of medicine.

In those days, medicine was not only about healing but the relationships forged with patients. Growing up, it was not uncommon to have plans cancelled since my father had to respond to his patients. It was difficult to grasp at times. But as I grew older, I began to develop a sense of compassion, empathy and responsibility within the profession.

My youth was spent engaging in outdoor activities such as boating and fishing. As I developed a love for the water, it opened the door to many water activities such as surfing and rowing. This eventually led to snowboarding and a love for the mountains. During school years, I also enjoyed soccer and basketball.

My education and training were completed in Pennsylvania. Undergraduate education was completed at Muhlenberg college in Allentown, PA. Medical school and residency training were completed in Philadelphia, PA. Surgical training began at Pennsylvania Hospital, our nations oldest hospital, and concluded at the University of Pennsylvania following a merger of surgery programs.

I met my wife while working at Pennsylvania Hospital. She introduced me to the Pacific Northwest. Given my love for the water and the mountains, it made sense to relocate on the West coast.

Private practice general surgery and raising three boys with my wife has kept us busy. On my free time, I still get to dust off and enjoy a ride on the snowboard or surfboard. But now, more enjoyment comes from watching the kids grow and their excitement as they do the things I did growing up.

Thomas A. Wixted M.D., FACS with family

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Minimally invasive surgery: incision/inguinal hernia, paraesophageal hernia, colon, gall bladder, appendix, spleen, adrenal gland. Surgical treatment of skin cancer, thyroid, parathyroid


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I pattern my practice on the way I would like to be treated if I were on the receiving side of the advice.

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